Don't miss an opportunity to spend an evening with Patricia!

Contact her at patricia@onewomansway.com if you would like to arrange for her to speak with your group about emotional healing or simply how to feel more confident – which is so important in this time of uncertainty we all are facing. Learn how to begin to increase your effectiveness and to balance your life so you can naturally attract the things they want and deserve.

You may discover the courage to move beyond the unexpected changes and circumstances in your life that are making you feel like you are trapped – to move forward with hope, freedom, joy, spontaneity, achievement and peace.

Below is a sample of one of Patricia's recent speaking engagements, held in the evening at The Women's Center in St. Helena, CA. The Executive Director of Napa Emergency Women's Services (NEWS), was in attendance and was available to speak with attendees after Patricia's presentation.

TOPIC: A Cup of Soup for Wounded Hearts – A must attend 90-minute discussion for women who have survived abuse and are in the process of healing from it, or for anyone who cares about or who has someone in their life who is struggling to overcome personal trauma. For anyone seeking emotional healing for any reason, or for those who simply want to learn how to feel more confident.

Patricia’s book is available for sale at most speaking engagements. To directly benefit those who are still struggling to rise above the horrific damage caused by abuse, a percentage of all Darkness Overturned book sales will be dedicated to Napa Emergency Women's Services (NEWS). www.napanews.org

Patricia is available to speak about the power of women's circles. In a world that is moving faster than most of us find comfortable, the simple act of joining together with other women on a regular basis can provide much needed relief and a touchstone that can anchor and enrich your life.

EVERY WOMAN contains an enduring spark of the wisdom at the heart of all creation. Even when she is isolated and unsupported, her spark remains relentless. When united with other women, her ember bursts into a vibrant flame of illumination and strength.

IF THERE WAS EVER A TIME to start or join a Tipping Point Circle for Women and become part of a dynamic group that shares a vibrant coaching experience that is VERY affordable – NOW would be that time.

HOST a group in your home and your participation will be complimentary.

TIPPING POINT CIRCLES FOR WOMEN consist of 6-8 women who believe the best is yet to come. The power of personal coaching is magnified as group members create a confidential atmosphere of inspiration and motivation.

As your coach -
I'll be there to facilitate, ask deepening questions, and move the dialog toward the goals we set... together.

♥ Gain a support system that encourages you through the risks and challenges of new beginnings – or unexpected endings.

Find yourself more motivated, more accountable and balanced than if you acted alone.

♥ You deserve it!

Little moves can make a big difference.

For more information about Tipping Point Circles for Women contact Patricia at patricia@onewomansway.com