Jan 02 2012

Golden Passages

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On the day after Thanksgiving my husband went wine tasting. I went for a walk, needing to exercise after my blissful enjoyment of an abundance of sumptuous food. Happy inside and out, I wanted to experience the delightfully crisp air and gawk at bedazzling fall colors before the trees succumbed to winter’s ongoing blitz of cold and colder.

Energized by peace –yes, peace can be energizing– my thoughts orbited freely like the brightly colored leaves being tossed about by an intermittent wind. Leaves were twirling into piles beneath the limbs from which they fell, creating bright scatter rugs of red, orange and yellow. As I cut diagonally across the street to head north I gasped. Before me lay a golden passage perfect in unassuming beauty fit for royalty, a returning victor, a bride on her way to her beloved.

On the weekend before Christmas the family took our traditional ride on the Christmas Train from Willits, a pajamaed jumble of kids, parents, sugar cookies, hot chocolate, guitar music and Santa –a delightful version of the Polar Express! Afterward my daughter invited me to spend the night rather than traverse dark country roads quickly turning icy.

I arose early and headed home. It was cold and foggy outside but I was warmed deep inside, still feeling the sweet tumble of my grandchildren from the day before. The road was mine with only an occasional car coming in the opposite direction, lights blurred into rosettes. In the distance to the right I saw a large, reddish-yellow glow. Oh dear, a fire? Though it looked to be contained, it must be colossal! Negotiating several mist-swathed curves, I lost sight of it and was wrapped again in predawn murkiness. Around the next corner I was enveloped in blazing, pure gold light that seemed almost soft in texture. Sunrise –another golden passage!

Now it is the New Year. I didn’t get my book written last year, but I lost weight, started yoga classes and am staying healthy. My family expanded by one grandchild and I am feeling blessed. The future, as always, is a mystery –a present to unwrap one day at a time. Uncertainty must abide probability, insecurity will yield to self-reliance, and loss will be bested by abundance –of this I am certain. Because transient as life is, there are unbidden moments of glory that come to me, reminding me that my life is beyond price, essential, significant.

I am royalty, a returning victor, a bride on her way to her beloved. Enveloped in an internal sunrise I choose to walk in life through golden passages of LOVE, JOYFULNESS, and OPTIMISM.

I invite you to do the same!

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  1. "Original"on 08 Jan 2012 at 11:59 pm

    So many golden moments for us: I just finished a late lunch and enjoyed a golden delicious apple. One of the secret ingredients in our favorite wild rice salad are those plump golden raisins. And, the last time we all got together, there was a golden glow in all of our photos.
    Your book didn’t get written (it will) but thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us.
    Wishing you many joyful, golden memories in this New Year!

    – Ms. Original

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