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Jul 25 2011

From Grief to Gratitude

Tweet Even in a down-turned economy $1,000 goes a long way. But sometimes, when the $1,000 are counted in pesos, we Americans can momentary feel shorted. South of the Boarder it costs around $99 pesos for a sack of dog food, $55 pesos for a meal at Burger King, and $49 pesos for a movie […]

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Jul 21 2011

Swept Away

Tweet It happens sometimes. Wording on a nightly news broadcast will cause my maternal instincts to kick in –not lightly but with a fierceness that is both startling and engulfing. It happened last night when I heard late-breaking-news about three hikers who plunged over Vernal Falls in Yosemite Valley. Climbing over a guardrail approximately 25 […]

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