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Jul 26 2010

Sublime Compliment

Tweet As she spoke to me her words came to my ears as familiar, the very thoughts and expressions I had shared with her recently during a time she was hurt, bewildered and panicking. She spoke with certainty and conviction, her voice steady and full of strength. It was a sublime compliment that she did […]

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Jul 19 2010


Tweet I’ve understood for a long time that not everything I see or hear is real. Not long ago I was reminded of this in a most unusual fashion. While peering through a window of a local art gallery late one afternoon, I noticed a striking figure seated in the driver’s seat of a car […]

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Jul 10 2010

Puzzle Piece Friendships

Tweet All of us were grappling with life issues –work, environments, relationships of one sort or another. Each of us had reached a crossroad in which we would choose new directions, discover fresh options and once again reinvent ourselves. Our spontaneity, originality and willingness to explore possibilities were anchored securely by our individual strengths, insights, […]

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Jul 04 2010

4th of July Pursuits

Tweet There is a tree in our town that for several years has been anonymously decorated to commemorate various occasions –this time the 4th of July. In these times of great seriousness over national dilemmas and disasters, these decorations not only offer a reminder to passersby to celebrate regardless of the turmoil du jour, they […]

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