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Apr 26 2010

Toxic Beauty

Tweet It’s a little hole-in-the-wall gallery run by a local art association featuring 50 or so regional artists. Winding through the space I found a wide variety of media including paintings, photography, etchings, sculptures, hand-painted ceramics, Native American bead and quillwork, weaving, jewelry, calendars and greeting cards. Almost too much to take in, we stayed about […]

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Apr 20 2010

Inner Child Gone Missing

Tweet It wasn’t until I was enrolled in a personal growth retreat that I discovered something deeply unsettling: my inner child had gone missing. With each exercise in which we were to close our eyes and visualize our inner child, I was left with a blank screen. Panic was building in my heart. With effort […]

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Apr 11 2010

There’s No Place Like Family!

Tweet In the hallway leading to our home office is our family gallery of photos, rich in history and promise. My grandmother Nonnie smiles from the ’40s, her fox stole draped around her neck (I remember it head down biting its tail). An earlier photo of her shows her in 1911 as a Methodist missionary’s […]

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Apr 04 2010

My Own Little Easter Bunny

Tweet I was in labor, playing Yahtzee with neighbors and friends, knowing it wouldn’t be much longer. A quick trip to the hospital and I was instated into the maternity ward and, sure enough, just minutes after midnight my youngest daughter arrived: my own little Easter Bunny! Born on April 15, she also had the […]

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Apr 02 2010

Prayer For Peace

Tweet Out of chaos, Beauty, out of mystery, Light— Secrets wrapped within the velvet of the night . STAR MAKER, Though we do not understand the catastrophic, Galactic history of our Universe, We are gathered here together In this world, In this Garden, To find Unity and Common Strength . . . TEACH US HOW. […]

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