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Mar 28 2010

Gathering Affirmations into My Apron

Tweet Before I gave birth to my first child I dreamed about her. I saw her in a field gathering flowers into her apron. I had not been told by my doctor that my baby was to be a girl, but the vision of her was so etched into my heart that I never picked […]

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Mar 20 2010

The Right of Spring

Tweet On March 20 at precisely 1:32 p.m. EDT, the Sun crossed directly over the Earth’s equator, heralding the changing of the seasons and the first day of spring. On our walk at the lake today we saw a Great Blue Heron standing at the water’s edge, gorgeously decked out with ornate plumes on his […]

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Mar 14 2010

Joy Du Jour

Tweet I have come to realize that joy happens every day, and that it usually comes in a small package. We’ve all heard the term “simple pleasures,” and I think simple is the key to recognizing and embracing the daily joy available to each one of us. It’s my secret weapon against the bruising of […]

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Mar 06 2010

Creating Your Personal Mantra

Tweet As promised, here are some ideas on how to create your own Personal Mantra. First of all, be alone in a quiet setting that you enjoy where you will not be disturbed. Play soothing music if you like. Lie down and close your eyes. Give yourself at least 20 minutes for the process. There […]

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