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Feb 28 2010

No Language but a Howl

Tweet We had been gone for several days, leaving CiCi safe but alone. She had enough food, water and an extra box of litter to use when her regular one got a little full. As I mentioned before, she is fastidiously clean. When we returned all seemed in order though CiCi was notably more needful […]

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Feb 24 2010

Today is my mother’s 99th birthday . . .

Tweet Today would have been my mother’s 99th birthday. She’s been gone 15 years 3 months now, but in some ways it seems much longer. She never made it to peace and, as her heart turned ever inward, she kept spacers between herself and everyone – me included.  That’s often what women who have been […]

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Feb 21 2010

Overcoming Fear through Love

Tweet CiCi’s Garden was to be her safe place. It was a delight to see her step beyond the patio doors and out into her new domain. She was tentative, careful, inquisitive and thorough. Making her way around she memorized its order, trusting this wonderful new world sniff by sniff. She returned to me regularly, […]

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Feb 14 2010

Why CiCi’s Garden?

Tweet It all started when I told my husband I was longing for cat fur – meaning that I wanted us to get a cat. His main objection was that cats claw furniture. So I let it go for awhile until one day I looked in our local newspaper and saw her. Featured as up […]

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